Your contact lens


As unique as the shape of your eyes

We would like to seek your confidence - and if numbers and facts help therefore we will tell you more about us on this and the next sites. But of course there is more to it than information.

Also your gut feeling will help you, when you decide to get to know us and visit us. We would be very pleased to welcome you in our institute.

Contact lenses- there are rigid and soft ones, in different power, for senior citizens, grown-ups and children, invisible or in the latest colours and nearly for every ametropia...

The shape of each eye is as unique as the structure and colour of our iris. Because of that every contact lens-fitting is made to specification, you get no second time. Hence, the individual and personal advice is in the first place at Müller-Welt. "Standard" is only our excellent service.

Our complete service contains the consultation, the fitting and all following support. You always get the solution which is tailored to your particular needs. We listen to you and pay attention as we want to satisfy your expectations...