A lot of contact lens wearer, especially the wearer of gas permeable lenses, know this problem:
If you put on your glasses after wearing the lenses your vision is unusual and even blurred and it is only getting better after half an hour or a longer time period. The reason is an interaction between cornea and contact lens. Every contact lens influences the shape of the cornea and because of that also the power. The more a contact lens is fitted steady-going the less interaction you have, but you never can exclude it.

Certainly you know the popular statement to leave out the contacts of the eyes for one or more days to measure glasses. So the measured data is not influenced by the interaction. But that’s why the glasses are only working after one or more days without contacts.

However a lot of contact lens wearer want to see with their glasses in the morning before and in the evening after wearing their contacts. That’s what we offer with our “contact-lens-glasses”.

We measure the power for the glasses about 20 minutes after you took off your contact lenses, so you don’t have to forgo your contacts for a few days only to get glasses.

Please make an appointment. We would like to advise you of all possibilities.