Our entire experience belongs to you!

Since our institute was found over 50 years ago we have a leading position in fitting contact lenses. This is proved by lectureships at universities and workshops for ophthalmologists and also a close contact to hospitals and research facilities. We also use the latest technology. That’s why we are the first address for all kind of issues about contact lenses.

We have custom made contact lenses for everyone

•    Every ametropia and for adults and children
•    Astigmatism
•    Presbyopia
•    Orthokeratology
•    Cornea-violations
•    Keratoconus, Keratoplasty
•    Cornea surgery
•    Iris defects

Contact lenses for special demands:

•    Multifocal or progressive contact lenses for presbyopia
•    disposable contact lenses (daily, monthly, yearly wear)
•    contact lenses with an individual iris structure