The optimal fitting is very important

Your eyes are unique, so an ideal wearing comfort is only possible with a customized contact lens. That’s why a perfect fitting is top priority for us. We are not only contributing our whole experience, we also use the latest measuring and manufacturing techniques and the best material. Because only the best is worth your eyes.

We have contact lenses for every ametropia:

  • for myopia and hyperopia and also in addition with astigmatism

And also for special demands:

  • multifocal or progressive contact lenses for presbyopia
  • disposable contact lenses (daily, monthly, yearly wear)
  • contact lenses with an individual iris structure

Course of the fitting:

  • First of all we take time to listen to your wishes and expectations.
  • Afterwards at the beginning of the contact lens fitting your eyes are measured with non-contact instruments.
  • Then all further and relevant data of your eyes is recorded. For example the position of your eyelid, the quality and quantity of your tear-layer and your actual prescription.
  • After that your first lenses, the so called “measuring lenses” are determined computerized.
  • And then: The big moment! Your eyes get in contact with contact lenses for the first time. The power is measured and the fit of the contacts is checked by a microscopic investigation.
  • Now then your individual lenses will be produced due to the exactly calculated data.
  • At the concluding “tolerance-test” you really wear your lenses for the first time - and you can directly see the result for 1-2 hours.

Use this time to experience the world through your invisible aid … for example at the Königstraße.

  • When you come back afterwards we practice the putting in and out with you, so that you feel confident with your new contacts.